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Galasam Galapagos Tours with more of 25 years of experience is proud to present our fleet of 6 vessels that hold different capacities from 10 to 16 passengers, that are perfectly suited for the Islands. Our fleet of vessels offers a range of accommodations from the Economic to DeLuxe.

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Cruz del Sur

MILLENIUM GALAPAGOS CRUISE Millenium Galapagos Cruise  

MILLENIUM has been created with a special design that will make the journey around the Galapagos Islands the perfect trip to your passengers.

Considering the experience that we have in the construction of more than 16 vessels, the Catamaran Millenium gathers all the details that your passengers will admire and will enjoy at the Enchanted Islands.
Length: .....................82'
Wide: ......................33'

The MILLENIUM safety is guarantee with two hulls that will make it the most stable vessel, beside the materials that we are using for the construction are not flammable.

The ample spaces in the cabins, living rooms and bathrooms give the elegance and comfort that the European, North American, Japanese and Australian passenger requires.

The power of the motors (800 HP) makes the trip very quick and efficient. Also the atmosphere of a small group of 16 passengers with the details of a big vessel transforms it in an unforgettable journey.

4 Days / 3 Nights   5 Days / 4 Nights   8 Days / 7 Nights  

Thursday / Sunday

$ 1740

Sunday / Thursday

$ 2175

Sunday / Sunday

$ 3480


Suggested itinerary
Social Areas
The Cabin

  • Thursday: San Cristobal Island (Airport)
  • Friday: Espaņola Island: Point Suarez & Gardner Bay
  • Saturday: Florena Island: Point Cormorant & Post Office Bay
  • Sunday: Santa Cruz Island: Charles Darwin Station & Highlands
  • Monday: Rabida Island - Prrt Egas Island
  • Tuesday: Bartolome Island & Sullivan Bay
  • Wednesday: North Seymor Island & Plazas
  • Thrusday: Interpretacion Center, San Cristobal (Airport)

  • Dinning Room
  • Living Room
  • Bar
  • Round Table for 16 paxs and individual chairs.
  • All the social areas have a direct view to the sea.
  • Four different solarium areas

  • Area: 194' squares
  • One balcony
  • One jacuzzi with sea view
  • Television
  • Frigo bar
  • Two Beds with 115 cms. each one.
  • One Closet with safety box
  • Air Conditioner
  • Private bathroom with hot water

Millenium Galapagos Cruise, rest room   Millenium Galapagos Cruise, suite amazing  


Millenium Galapagos Cruise, double bed cabin
Millenium Galapagos Cruise dinning room



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