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Galasam Galapagos Tours with more of 25 years of experience is proud to present our fleet of 6 vessels that hold different capacities from 10 to 16 passengers, that are perfectly suited for the Islands. Our fleet of vessels offers a range of accommodations from the Economic to DeLuxe.
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Baltra GalapagosIsland
Ilustration Map of Baltra Galapagos Island

The origin of the name is unknown. Area: 27 Km2 Maximum Altitude approximately 100 meters above sea level. We will find animals such as land iguanas, marine iguanas and marine turtles.

For most visitors, Baltra is their entry point into the Galapagos. Once a North American airbase, the airlines TAME and Aerogal flies to and from here on a daily basis. From here you will either catch a five minute bus ride to the dock and embark your yacht, or you'll take a bus to the south of the island, a ten minute journey to the channel that separates Baltra and Santa Cruz.

Here a ten minute boat ride brings you to the northern most point on Santa Cruz where a bus will take you across the island arriving forty five minutes later in Puerto Ayora.

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