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Galasam Galapagos Tours with more of 25 years of experience is proud to present our fleet of 6 vessels that hold different capacities from 10 to 16 passengers, that are perfectly suited for the Islands. Our fleet of vessels offers a range of accommodations from the Economic to DeLuxe.
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Floreana Galapagos Island


Floreana Galapagos Island



The best known site on this island is Post Office Bay where in the past sailors used to leave and receive their letters in a barrel to be delivered by other sailors coming or going to Europe and North America. The tradition continues - leave your postcard in the barrel and see how long it takes to be delivered - at the same time your guide will go through the postcards that are already in the barrel and if there is a postcard with an address close to your home, please take it with you and mail it when you finish your vacation! Close to Post Office Bay is the place where the first families arrived to live in the Galapagos - your guide will explain the history and mystery of this story.

Your next visit will be to Punta Cormoran, a green olivine beach to see Sea Lions and a short walk past a lagoon to see Flamingos and finally onto a white beach, whose sand is as fine as talcum powder. A good chance to see Rays, Sea Turtles and Ghost and Sally Lightfoot Crabs. After lunch, you will have a chance to snorkel at Devil's Crown, an old imploded volcano just off the coast of the main island. As soon as you get in the water, look down! This will be your best chance to see a shark. There is no need to swim as the strong current will pull you all the way round to the other side seeing on your way a great variety of multi-colored reef fish and playful sea lions.

The island of Floreana rests south of Santa Cruz, rising and falling in a proliferation of volcanic cones, which are often gentled by a thin mantle of polo santo forest. The sterner, western part of the island consists of bare lava flows and a striking black sand beach.

At the northeastern corner, however, one finds Punta Cormorant, whose lagoon frequently harbors the elegant flamingo as well as several other species of birds that feed in the still, clouded waters.

Only some five hundred of the proud pink flamingos inhabit the entire Galapagos Islands, spread out over several lagoons and ponds. As conditions dictate, they move from one lagoon to an-other, so that they are rarely seen in groups of more than a few dozen at a time.

Despite their small numbers, flamingos are social breeders and nest together following an elaborate courtship display during which the birds perform in choreographed "parades" back and forth with their uncles stretched up and feathers fluffed.

Floreana has the most interesting human history of the settled islands, (which encompass Santa Cruz, Isabela, Floreana, and San Cristobal), in addition to being a place of great natural beauty. The first colonist of the Galapagos, an Irishman named Patrick Watkins, is thought to have been stranded on Floreana in 1807 and sub-sisted by selling food supplies to visiting whaling ships.

In 1832 the Galapagos were officially claimed by Ecuador and "Charles" Island was renamed Floreana, after the first president of Ecuador.


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