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Galasam Galapagos Tours with more of 25 years of experience is proud to present our fleet of 6 vessels that hold different capacities from 10 to 16 passengers, that are perfectly suited for the Islands. Our fleet of vessels offers a range of accommodations from the Economic to DeLuxe.
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Santa Fe Galapagos Island


Santa fe Galapagos Island

This may well be the oldest island in the Galapagos. You will anchor at one of the most beautiful and most sheltered bays in the archipelago, and some of the best snorkeling is here, with its crystal clear and Santa Fe Island - Mapshallow waters.

Certainly one of the best locations for swimming with sea lions and for a glimpse of the Galapagos White-tipped Shark and a sea turtle. After a wet landing you will walk up to a nearby cliff to see the land iguanas through an area of Opuntia Cactus.

Other animals present are the Galapagos Hawk, owls, Frigates, Pelicans, Manta Rays and mockingbirds.

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