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Galasam Galapagos Tours with more of 25 years of experience is proud to present our fleet of 6 vessels that hold different capacities from 10 to 16 passengers, that are perfectly suited for the Islands. Our fleet of vessels offers a range of accommodations from the Economic to DeLuxe.
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Galapagos Shark

galapagos shark

The Galapagos shark, similar to the Grey Reef Shark but with a rounder head and thicker body towards the tail area, can be difficult to identify. These sharks are only found in a very isolated spots in the world. The Galapagos can grow to nearly 2 feet and its upper teeth are triangular and serrated which means this shark should be considered dangerous.

The Galapagos Shark has been known to go as deep as 200 feet. Young sharks will go into very shallow water and tend to prefer to swim just off the bottom. They normally stay in one small area and usually are quite numerous in those areas.

The Galapagos Shark behavior is very similar to the Grey Whaler and will often come to the surface when there is any sort of commotion. It can become quite aggressive when there are food stimuli such as speared fish in the water and has been known to attack man.

The Galapagos Shark swims in schools and sometimes can show aggressive behavior towards divers. They can be found in any depth and prefer clear water.

Galapagos sharks Size 10 to 12 feet in length.

Galapagos sharks diet; they eat prey taken from the ocean floor including bottom-dwelling squid, fish and octopus.

Galapagos sharks live in tropical seas at depths ranging from 16 - 200 feet deep.

Galapagos sharks Reproduction; at birth the pups can be approximately 22 - 32 inches long and a litter can be from 6-16 pups. The young pups stay in shallow waters to avoid being eaten by adult Galapagos sharks.


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